Appeasement of minorities, caste & social blocs

The nature of Indian politics is such that appeasement is universal across parties, although at varying degrees. Appeasement of religious groups, castes, social segments are different in scale but the idea remains the same. Capture votes by satisfying the needs & wants of particular sub group.

The BJP projects itself as a champion of women’s rights by introducing Muslim Women’s Bill 2017, which was a progressive gesture but done arbitrarily to divert the attention away from other points of national interest such as the financial emergency. Was it a surgical strike performed on minorities to fool the majority?

Another example being the internal custom of the Dawoodi Bohras which is being played out in the media & which is causing divisions between men and women of the community. Muslims are divided socially to create disunity amongst them. Sunni Muslims are projected as the enemies of Shias & other groups such as Kutchis, Dawoodis & Bohras. What is this but not the repeatof divide and rule as practiced by the British. Tipu Jayanthi should have been a simple celebration to honour a warrior who fought against imperial forces. Today, it is an issue that is creating huge rifts in several parts of Karnataka.

During the last assembly elections in Karnataka, a farm loan waiver scheme was proposed by the Janata Dal (S) to appease farmers in the state; a sizeable segment of population. Whereas the previous government waived a total of ₹8000 crores, the current government has promised to waive close to ₹32,000 crores of farm loans. This is a mindless freebie to farmers which effectively states that your loans will be taken care of as long as you vote us into power. But funds these populist schemes and what is the message we are driving across. Whereas the world over, governments are encouraging innovative farming practices, guaranteed support prices, state of the art storage facilities and logistics, we are still playing catch up through such schemes. Would the capital better put to use through such innovative measures rather than stop gap solutions? Does this not hurt the progressiveness of the farming community? Will this encourage default rates in the future, with farmers keen to exploit their economic & social status?

In India hunger, meaningful employment, lack of education & medical facilities has become a slogan for the poor. Unless these issues are resolved, what is the justification for the huge salaries being paid to government officers and elected representatives? While corruption exists everywhere, the poor are marginalized and only leveraged as vote banks during the time of the elections. Prior to 1970, every election was fought on the promise of realistic, social change not on a cocktail of appeasement and bombast. Are we really that unfortunate to live in such times? Or do we just pack our bags and head for a holiday during Election Day?

The Helping Citizen is actively involved in the discouragement of freebies during elections & appeasement of certain segments of the society. In this regard we have started innovative farming techniques & the disbursal of basic healthcare kits & medicines. Our program is completely self funded and we have seven dedicated trucks that carry our material and medicines to every part of India. Our sole aim is to show officials and politicians that imaginative practices & simple tools can help the poor become self sufficient. Only when self sufficiency is achieved will the children of the poor have aspirations and with the right support framework these aspirations can be translated into reality.

(This article is a personal viewpoint of Mr. Alam Pasha, Founder: The Helping Citizen and People’s Court. As published on Sanjevani evening publication)