Transparency in Governance

We need tools for good governance, which help us track the progress of state funded programs and the ability to measure their performance. Better understanding of the delivery of public services ensures accountability & transparency

Information platforms provide citizens access to program wise details on public spending schemes.

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Information is Power

We are in the information age and data is accessible to the common man through trailblazing efforts of a few determined individuals in launching the Right to Information. On a broader level, thousands of citizen activists have tirelessly worked in bringing forward projects like the Open Data Knowledge to empower the masses with a knowledge-bank of resources on government data to increase citizen involvement

“Democracy is not a form of government, but a form of
social-organisation ”

Helping Citizen is at the forefront of the struggle to leverage data to find gaps in governance and addressing these issues through the Right to Information, Public Interest Litigation and the effective use of media and digital communications to disseminate our message to the wider public

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