ALAM PASHA: “I am hungry, please serve me” until, such intuitions are remaining with a Poor and student of this region the elected’s and administration is duty-less.

Inventing fake troubles to public, even, if it not exists, is the art of politicians for a wrong remedy. Politics has become, ingredients of blaming the others to hide their own incapabilities, A panic is created. Security to all is missing. There are existing several national and regional parties, but, these numbers never enough to handle the public money which is being wasted other than investing on education, healthcare, electricity, food to all. Citizens have lot of confidence on democracy and Constitution, indeed, No office in this land is more important than that of being a true citizen. M.P’s, MLA’s mostly are absentees in their Constituencies and also in the legislatives and parliament, if at all attended, they are incapable on debates to pass a bill for basic necessities like food, medicine, job for all. Except, few party cadres, 90% are omitted by the benefits of very few bills passed. Elected’s are not in access to convince the voters, to clarify, how many debates in parliament they succeeded to bring back our share of thousands crores of wealth from the Govt to their respective constituencies to build the hospitals, tunnels, irrigation system, colleges, hygiene system, except, MLA & MPLD annual fixed funds, these too for the usage of cadres benefit, not even a 100 crore have ever been canvassed by majority of these elected representatives to rescue the poors, students, farmers, un-employees, sicks, oppressed persons of their respective constituency. we are really suffering because, every politician just reads the written campaign pledges while in elections, the politicians are millionaires living like kings, instead of sacrificing them for our country, they had deviated our wealth stored in the governments to make them such millionaires. In spite of all this odds, we are still rich, because, our Constitution is our soul and the democracy is the back bone of our united society. Let’s repose the confidence, we will get back our wealth from Government by empowering our future, exclusively, for the poors developments in this region. Indian Constitution is casteless, Govts are cast free. The political parties are always raising the dividers of caste and religion.

The helping Citizen and  Peoples Court,
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