Community Leadership

The leadership we need to solve our real life problems exists within our communities. It is our responsibility to identify and encourage their journey towards sparking lasting change. A true leader recognizes people as assets and uses resources to further their progress

A blend of strong leadership with active community involvement leads to positive outcomes

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Lead for Change

Do you have it in you to inspire your community on issues that matter? Can you read the pulse of the people and strategize your vision for change. Can you step up and take responsibility for working with diverse institutions and individuals to achieve common goals. Do you practice what you preach? If Yes, then its time you started getting politically active

“The future belongs to the common man with uncommon determination”

Helping Citizen actively promotes non partisan, participative community politics that seeks to unearth leaders and provide them with the right framework to fight and success in electoral politics. Our team of collaborators and communication experts are at hand to run your grassroots campaigns

Educate. Agitate. Organise

Leaders are made out of movements


We have a host of programs for you to volunteer with us. From exposing corruption to fighting communalism

Stand up

The actions we take determine our leadership potential. Be a part of our movement. Get in touch with us