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In our soil, the houseless poor’s,  in the deep cold Seasons sleeping in the streets of cities, towns without a blanket, the un attended real poor patients are tiredly sitting in the government hospitals corners without having a penny to buy the prescribed medicines and lack of food and, except, few several poor travellers don’t possess a  penny to buy a glass of water in the hectic summer with lot of thirsty, these are the few celar evidences, compelled me to launch this forum, possibly, to hold their hands to facilitate with garments, blankets to the homeless & buy medicines and food for the patients, also, to provide the water to those thirsty travellers on the roads. This prompted me to sell my palatial home at Bangalore and use the monies, through, this “Helping Citizen”, still with great hopes to increase our contribution gradually, out of me and my daughter’s earning, who is a IIM graduate currently, the services are attended and operated by 7 nos of own motor trucks, travelling the south India, throughout. In the name of democracy, the faiths, communities, Imams, Moulanas, priests, pardits, guru’s are  all very busy with the rigorous preaches intending to improve their community growth, who is in turn, never evidenced to share their knowledge, blessings, care, protection to those who are in their last stages of poverty. No one else thinking about humanity. I am getting threatened by the listenings and seeing the temples, Mosques, Darga, Churches, in where the Mercy, sympathy and concern for the collectively abandoned poors, orphans are totally missing.  Even, the government has applied its-over power on the aggrieved persons, never practiced to apply more power with the oppressed to rescue. It’s evident, inequality, democratically lack the public legitimacy to act effectively on poors. No one is ready to re-think and re-invent democracy to suit all the Indian citizen’s security of food and protection. It is well planned in democracy that “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” Here, democracy is used for voting by the rich politicians who ultimately created a football playground in the name of religion and poors to get bad peoples elected. No citizens’ decisions are allowed. They never shared power to the citizens, even, the voters are the loosers, when a poor dies in a hungry or lack of medicine.

In a democracy, politicians are public servants who represent for our entitlements and wants.  Helping, protecting, guiding a hungry person, irrespective of the religion which may be an unpopular issue to the Mullas, priests, politicians, it is a totally lacking that the preaches and practices has prohibited the community and political  gurus to respectfully  share or help a real poor with  dignified shelter, medicine, or food. All those elected and the preacher’s in each and all communities are solely acting with a intention, certainly, not the humanity. As a matter of religious reference ,in Islam, a sympathy, protection, food and shelter, guidance, assistance, wealth sharing, mercy, all are these certainly not meant exclusively for the Muslims, but, to all human beings and the creatures, too. Better things are not restricted to certain persons, our relationship ought to be with humanity, entirely. If, a guru or a politician hates or neglects the poors concern, they are ceased to enjoy the perks from the community as well as from government exchequer, forever. Until and unless, he/she shares their last piece of comforts, wealth, power, bread to those who are dying without food and medicine such persons should not hold the position in this vibrant democracy. It’s highly suspected that, the 2 national parties who claims the government have divided Hindus, Muslims by creating riots in the name of false claims, rather, British raj was decent enough to keep Unity among citizens and creating opportunities. A mass of lies, hatredness,  anxiety for power of the politicians have taken away the unity, security, opportunities as prescribed in our constitution. Powerful politicians have never bothered to educate the poors as our liberties are curtailed, it is a fact that once the poors rights and wealth are released, goons must go.  The whole nation is watching the difficulties of a poor, the slogans of gurus and the un-hearted representatives elected by the good peoples who have not voted. Let us serve you, possibly, you too be a helping citizen to volunteer this service to an oppressed, and to a hunger citizen of this state. Let my experience work for you, lets, up hold the law to enforce the education and dignified share of poors entitlements to live long with dignity.


Alam Pasha, Co-founder,
Helping Citizen and the Peoples Court,
Cell: 98440 14225;
#Sy No: 34/2, Daseganapalli, Krishnagiri-Dist,
Tamil Nadu- 635121.

#674, 9th ‘A’ Main, 1st Stage, 1st Cross, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru- 560038.


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ALAM PASHA: “I am hungry, please serve me” until, such intuitions are remaining with a Poor and student of this region the elected’s and administration is duty-less.

Inventing fake troubles to public, even, if it not exists, is the art of politicians for a wrong remedy. Politics has become, ingredients of blaming the others to hide their own incapabilities, A panic is created. Security to all is missing. There are existing several national and regional parties, but, these numbers never enough to handle the public money which is being wasted other than investing on education, healthcare, electricity, food to all. Citizens have lot of confidence on democracy and Constitution, indeed, No office in this land is more important than that of being a true citizen. M.P’s, MLA’s mostly are absentees in their Constituencies and also in the legislatives and parliament, if at all attended, they are incapable on debates to pass a bill for basic necessities like food, medicine, job for all. Except, few party cadres, 90% are omitted by the benefits of very few bills passed. Elected’s are not in access to convince the voters, to clarify, how many debates in parliament they succeeded to bring back our share of thousands crores of wealth from the Govt to their respective constituencies to build the hospitals, tunnels, irrigation system, colleges, hygiene system, except, MLA & MPLD annual fixed funds, these too for the usage of cadres benefit, not even a 100 crore have ever been canvassed by majority of these elected representatives to rescue the poors, students, farmers, un-employees, sicks, oppressed persons of their respective constituency. we are really suffering because, every politician just reads the written campaign pledges while in elections, the politicians are millionaires living like kings, instead of sacrificing them for our country, they had deviated our wealth stored in the governments to make them such millionaires. In spite of all this odds, we are still rich, because, our Constitution is our soul and the democracy is the back bone of our united society. Let’s repose the confidence, we will get back our wealth from Government by empowering our future, exclusively, for the poors developments in this region. Indian Constitution is casteless, Govts are cast free. The political parties are always raising the dividers of caste and religion.

The helping Citizen and  Peoples Court,
Cell No: 98440 14225


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No one listens the oppressed in this soil. In the name of Indian constitution, politicians influencing the democracy to form the union to access the power, in power no one thinks what the citizens are thinking. In power, the corruption, illiteracy, poverty, communalism, unemployment are encouraged aiming to threaten the voters, winners are seizing the  rights and wealth of the peoples, the poorest people in these districts are the  voters, the aristocratic peoples are always the elected persons in this area. No Kamarajar ever think to born in the midst of the present billionaires in politics.

GIVE SOME FOOD- I AM HUNGRY, has become the silent slogan of many in these backward districts the unemployment and migration is in peak. Imams, pandits, religious gurus always busy to improve their growth of their respective communities, no such rich religious gurus ever tried to preach the kindness or organize the job, food, shelter, security, protection, in general to the oppressed and neglected. Any religious book which has barred the kindness with the poors, humanly not acceptable. One human being, one flag, one people, should be the symbol of our soil. A common man is in danger in the hands of gurus and politicians. After 73 years of freedom, except, blaming the previous governments the politicians never caused to release the wealth of the people.

Let my experience work for you. The entire sale proceeds of my palatial home in Bangalore, along with the regular earnings of my daughter who is an IIM ALUMNI, we are struggling to distribute the blankets to the homeless poors sleeping in the cold-freezed streets, the medicines to the poor patients in the Govt. hospitals, clean water, food, chappals to the aged poors and uniforms to the unaffordable students in Govt. run schools. “Helping Citizen and the Peoples Court” has with this purposes been found, owning, 6 Nos of trucks to facilitate the farmers, training, transporting the essential goods to the disasters like Gaja cyclone and kerala flood. Lets build the mankind, self respect, Jobs, safety, unity, education, character and a new vision in this Tamil soil- working with you. This earth is rich, it can contribute to everyone. Greed has poisoned the souls.

I am convinced with the happiness of poors whose 1000’s of neglected children help their parents by reasonable salary income as leveraged by our efforts. In such a effort again organizing guaranteed job scheme with 3 months free training, free food and hostel facilities for the SSLC or dropouts in this area.

Helping Citizen and the Peoples Court,

Alam Pasha, Founder,
Cell: 98440 14225;
# Sy No: 34/2, Veppanapalli-635121,
Krishnagiri-Dist, Tamil Nadu.