The Helping Citizen & People’s Court

We are a high powered team of individuals with a mutual passion for driving transformative change with action oriented advocacy campaigns

A platform for progressive reforms

At Helping Citizens we fight for the constitutional rights of our fellow Indians through evidence based litigation and empower the citizenry with knowledge on public affairs that leads to increased participation. We fearlessly express our findings, views, opinions and insights across print and digital media to influence collective action on issues that matter

Our Vision

A leader elected on merit, a government judged by performance and a society built with the collective effort of all its stakeholders.


We research, collate and distribute the latest developments in socio-political, affairs, governance and civic issues to help our audience know the hard ‘on ground’ facts


We design participative campaigns that awaken the consciousness of individuals and encourage them to stand up and express their voice on matters of public importance


We identify progressive visionaries with shared beliefs and values to lead us in achieving transformative change while supporting their election to public office

Our Founder

Mr. Alam Pasha

Founder & CEO

A successful entrepreneur & founder of Helping Citizen, he has built a team of determined individuals who share his passion for public service & drive change through action