What drives us

We identify contemporary issues that impact the well being of our society and express our findings, opinions and views across multiple media with the aim to encourage citizen participation to bring about systemic political change

Abuse of Power

Raising our voice against the official misuse of power and the blatant disregard for law & order has been one of our core motivations in our fight for an equal society. We identify cases of injustice and use proven, democratic processes to bring about a radical change.

Official Apathy

The founders of our nation have established robust institutions for effective governance and transparent spending, yet over the years there is a prevalent attitude of neglect practiced by officials that impacts society at large and which needs to be addressed with speed & decisiveness

Citizen Ignorance

The taxpayers of our nation have a right to know the performance of their elected representatives and the progress of their constituency development. We empower citizens with resources that helps them actively participate in the affairs of their community.

Our Goals

Transparent Governance

Corruption in India costs us 2% of our GDP

There is a lack of decisive political will on the part of governments to enforce laws that positively impact clean governance. Independent research has established that key administrative institutions are not free from corruption risks in India. As citizens we need to translate anti-corruption efforts into dedicated action

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Issue Centric Reforms

21% of our Lok Sabha members face serious criminal charges

India needs reforms that are based on realties rather than rhetoric, on values rather than vote banks. Greater reforms will eventually lead to lesser interference from the government and more citizen participation. When citizens are united on a shared objective, the divisions in our society will soon disappear.

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Community Building

Our best performing MP’s are devoted community builders

Sustainable, prosperous communities are built on a strong foundation with right people and process in place to nurture economic and social initiatives. Choosing qualified individuals to represent our aspirations for the future and supporting initiatives for social change will ultimately strengthen the role of communities in public life.

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About Us.

Helping Citizen is an empowered platform for political and social change, fighting for the rights of the power and the marginalised, raising our voice against corruption and educating the wider public of their rights and responsibilities.

We invite visionaries, community leaders, social entrepreneurs and volunteers to be part of our community to drive concrete political and social action to bring about a transformative change in politics and unearth the nation builders of tomorrow


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